Craps Strategy for Novice Players

Craps may sound like a very complicated game, but in reality it is rather simple. The main thing is whether a single bet wins or not. Everything else is just complimentary. So, the best craps strategy would be to make this bet and everything else will become very easy. Here is some free craps strategy for the novice players. Exclusive bonus items are available at , show your love for online casino games.

Craps strategies for doing well at the table

The main bet to focus on is the pass line bet and it wins even money if a 7 or an 11 is rolled out. Similarly, pass line bet will lose if you get a 2, 3, or 12. After that, the number rolled becomes the point and you have to roll that point for a second time before rolling a 7. This will win you even money and if a 7 is rolled first, the pass line bet will lose. Follow these strategies same with online poker games

Pass line bets are good individual bets. However, you can gain access to even better bets with this pass line bet. You can take the odds behind pass line bets which will pay you different odd based on the exact point. For example:

6 or 8 : 6 to 5
5 or 9 : 3 to 2
4 or 10 : 2 to 1

As these bets have no house edge, making them is one of the best craps strategies. So, make pass line bets and bet a comfortable amount on the odds behind the bet. With this craps strategy, you will able to make the house edge very low and can even the odds between the house and you, extend your game strategies while playing the game of baccarat online.

Craps odds and the house edge

The house line bet has a house edge of 1.41% and if you combine the two bets, the house bets becomes significantly less. For example, with 3x pass line bets on the odds, the house edge will become 0.47%. With 5x, it will become 0.33%. Some casinos offer 100x odds, and you can make the edge 0.02% with that. For online gambling, betting on don't pass will make the edge a little lower, from 1.41% to 1.36%. However, in real life casinos, it is not worth it.